Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Make a mention of some funny, some touching experiences, which you had during the graduating years. Talk about the major events that occurred during your high school years. Refer to the interesting activities you did in school. Evoke emotion through your graduation speech.

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Include some stories in your speech. Make it elaborate enough to encompass most of the significant incidents of the graduating years. Having spent a few years with your classmates and teachers, you are bound to have in your memory, many special moments. Remember to include them in the speech.

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Graduation is one of the important milestones in a person's life. It is after graduation that you soar to the world of new dreams and aspirations. It is after your graduation that you spread your wings wide and fly out to explore the world around, in pursuit of your goals. On that very important day of your graduation, when you deliver your graduation speech, you naturally wish to make it memorable.

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Brevity is the most important factor to be considered while delivering graduation speeches. Since, audience would be most interested in the commencement speech, it would make sense to keep your speech short and sweet. Remember, it is your personal experience and genuine feelings about your school, friends that will keep your audience captivated and not some heavy duty stuff, loaded with social, political jargon.

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You can draw inspiration from commencement speeches delivered by eminent personalities on graduation. Add personal touches to your speech by narrating funny anecdotes or exemplary achievements of your class during graduation years. You may also express your views regarding the current affairs or political situation.

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Oftentimes, graduation speeches are tremendously boring as the new graduates are rarely proficient orators. Since, these speakers are often students excelling in academics, they may not be always great writers or rhetoricians. However, if you avoid unsurprising cliches and the common drab topics, you can indeed make your graduation speech interesting.

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If you are a valedictorian or a salutatorian, then you also have to deal with the nervousness of delivering a graduation speech. Graduation speeches by luminaries and students are often the most important part of a graduation ceremony.